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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7inch Tablet pc w/ Simcard Slot

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7inch Tablet pc w/ Simcard Slot



phone model: HX-M02

brand: alps
CPU hardware: MT6575
CPU model: ARMv7Processor(VFP3,NEON
CPU frequency: 166.833~1001.0MHz
screen resolution: 1024X522
GPU renderer: PowerVR SGX 531
GPU version(openGL): openGL ES 2.0
Memory size(available/total): 482.5/503.0MB
RAM size(available/total): 178.1/480.4MB
sd card size(available/total): 2044.9/2113.0MB
Camera: 1.9 mega pixel 1600x1200
Front facing camera: 1.9 mega pixel 1600x1200
Android version: 4.0.4
build number: XLS_M02_01_V1_005_20130423
IMEI: 355962050020868
Kernel: Linux version 3.0.13(hubo@android-desktop)
(gcc version 4.4.3(GCC))#1 PREEMPT TUE APRIL 16
14:15:31 CST 2013


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